Staff and Board of Directors


Scott Moore (Managing Director) found the CAMP! community through the volunteer network of the United Way in 2002 and joined the Board in 2005 as Treasurer.  Scott served as Interim Managing Director in 2011, as Head Counselor from 2012 to 2015, and then became Managing Director in January 2016.  A Senior Financial Analyst at Secure Financial Services, Scott is also the senior analyst of the end-of-week CAMP! slideshow.  He loves using his creativity to help create an opportunity for these kids to be kids for a week.

John O’Farrell (Fundraising Director) joined the CAMP! Community in 2011 and quickly jumped in to help steer the creation of a fundraising long-range plan for CAMP!  He came to us with a background in camp management, fundraising and volunteer relations.  After 4 years as Managing Director, John became our Fundraising Director in 2016.

Eric Thomas (Program Director) has been a CAMP! volunteer since 2002 and a member of the Board of Directors since 2005, for which he currently serves as Treasurer.  Eric has been a Pod 6 counselor for 9 sessions of CAMP! and a Program Director for six.  For the remainder of the year Eric is Franchise Development Manager for Ben & Jerry’s, and he resides in Richmond, VT.  Aside from the powerful force for good that CAMP! can be for our campers, his favorite things about CAMP! are the wonderful people who volunteer and the delicious food.

Lindsay Mitchell (Head Counselor) of Massachusetts joined the CAMP! community in 2012 and has not looked back!  She spent her first four summers working with the wonderful ladies in Pod 5 and was excited to move into the role of Head Counselor in 2016.  She loves working with youth and inspiring children to step outside of their comfort zone and take calculated risks to broaden themselves and their experiences.  Outside of CAMP!, Lindsay works as a school psychologist at a high school in MA, supporting children with various levels of academic and emotional needs.


Scott Moore (Managing Director) – see above

Ed Paquin (President) of Barre, Vermont has been a part of CAMP! since its inception.  When not at camp he is the Executive Director of Disability Rights Vermont, a private non-profit that serves as Vermont’s federally funded protection and advocacy system, working to investigate abuse, neglect and rights violations of people with disabilities. While at camp he leads Pod 2 (the youngest boys), plays his guitar and generally has a great time!

Alan Graham (Vice President and Environmental Studies Director) joined the Board in 2008 and has been working for CAMP! since it began.  His work outside of camp takes him all over the state, researching mosquitoes and black flies for the Agency of Agriculture.  “CAMP! is the perfect environment to inspire questions and explorations in our natural world.  I watch so many of our campers come away from camp with their eyes newly opened (and unplugged from electronics!) and appreciative of a healthy relationship to the outdoors.”

Eric Thomas (Treasurer) – see above

Marianne Møllmann (Secretary) was introduced to CAMP! by a close friend in 2007. Having grown up in Denmark, she had no idea what she was getting into, but both her and her daughter came to think of Vermont as a natural second home-away-from-home. Marianne spent 3 years in Pod 7, then started helping out in the nurse’s office. In 2013 she qualified as a lifeguard and joined the waterfront team. The rest of the year, Marianne lives in New York City with her spouse and kid, advocates for human rights, sews, sails, and longs for CAMP!

Joscelyne Knight of St. Albans has attended CAMP! almost every year since 1989 and joined the Board in 2002.   Growing up, her family often moved due to her father’s farm work and says of CAMP!:  “You’d go to school and if you’d been in the barn, they’d tease you like ‘Moo, you smell like a cow’.  But at CAMP! everyone’s equal.  They’re not judging you.  I just loved camp so much.  It is a part of my life.  They’re my extended family.  I will do it forever.”

Erin Shea was fortunate to learn about CAMP! through her work with Vermont Migrant Education Program (VMEP) where she manages the program for UVM Extension.   She first attended CAMP! in 2005 as a Pod 3 counselor and in 2008 she was invited to join the board and happily accepted.  Her CAMP! jobs have ranged from Pod Leader to boathouse staff to assistant nurse/head laundry washer – but it is safe to say she will be a camp lifeguard for many years to come now that she is fully certified.  Because her happiest childhood memories are from her own camp experiences she is always ready to do whatever it takes to keep CAMP! running for other children. When she’s not at camp or working, you can find her at home in Montpelier with her twin daughters Isabella and Maya.

Emily Gibbs (TLP Leader) grew up as a “farm kid” herself with limited opportunities to go to camp.  After reading an article in the Burlington Free Press about CAMP! in 2007, she became an integral part of the growth and success of the Teen Leadership Program.  She loves to help teach leadership and life skills that give the campers the confidence to be more of a leader back at home and at school…and in future years as staff members at CAMP! When she isn’t at camp, Emily is Program Coordinator at Common Ground Center where she lives in Starksboro, VT.

John O’Farrell (Fundraising Director) – see above

Lindsay Pucino (Head Counselor) – see above

Katie Ballard

Jessyca Nellé first attended CAMP! in 1992. She spent two years as a camper in Pod 5, then participated in the Teen Leadership Program and returned as a Counselor in Training in 1997. Jessyca has traveled, worked and volunteered many places since 1997; however, life ultimately brought her back to CAMP! in 2016 and she has no intention of ever leaving again! “It just feels like home”. When not at CAMP!, Jessyca works as a mental health counselor at Laraway Youth & Family Services in Johnson, Vermont and is enjoying raising 2 children of her own.

Robin Davis began her love affair with CAMP! in 2007, first as part of the clean-up crew, and then in the CAMP! nurse’s office. “I love witnessing the joy of the campers as they return each year for a week of fun and shared community. I also love the staff and the fabulous food at CAMP! I look forward to it all year long.” When not at CAMP!, Robin volunteers as a nurse and works in her pottery studio and garden.